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Designed for starters and small teams.



Ideal for growing creators, agencies and mid-sized businesses.



For established creators and large agencies.

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A URL shortener is an online service that takes a long URL and converts it into a shorter, more manageable version.

For example, instead of saying "go to," you can use the shortener to turn it into something like "" Clicking on the short link will automatically redirect people to the same destination as the original address.

This tool is handy for sharing links in a simpler and quicker way, especially in text messages or on social media.

Short URLs offer various advantages, such as making it easier to share links on platforms with character limits, enhancing aesthetics, and providing analytical tools for performance tracking.

Their cleaner and more memorable format makes them ideal for verbal communication and saves space in contexts with character restrictions. Moreover, the customization option provides opportunities to strengthen the brand identity online.

A Custom URL Shortener is a service that allows users to create and use personalized short URLs with a specific structure chosen by the user. Unlike standard URL shorteners that generate short links randomly or through automatic algorithms, a custom shortener enables the user to select a specific part of the short link to make it more meaningful or aligned with their brand.

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that stores information such as web links or contact details. You can scan it with a camera-equipped device, like a smartphone, using a QR code scanning app. This allows quick access to information without the need for manual input, making them convenient for efficiently sharing data.

Undoubtedly, PlutoLinks presents itself as a free URL shortener that empowers users to create short, customized, and trackable links. Despite certain limitations, these restrictions have been meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance and provide an outstanding user experience for all.

PlutoLinks' offering is structured in tiers, ranging from a free basic plan to premium options. The free plan grants users access to essential URL shortening features, including custom aliases, URL tracking, QR code generation, and full analytics. Despite restrictions for free users, such as a limit on the number of clicks, these measures are implemented to preserve the overall sustainability of the platform.

We stand out by offering a personalized approach that goes beyond merely shortening links. We provide a comprehensive tool for analyzing, refining, and boosting your digital strategies, ensuring we accurately meet your specific needs.

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